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New Fall Releases

Welcome back, y'all! It's August, & that means Fall is right around the corner! We couldn't wait to get out these new releases, they're so cute and cozy. Let's check out all three new releases, why we chose them, & some of the best parts about them.
I'll start off with this absolutely adorable Caramel Apple Collection! We wanted to add something fun to the Fall collections that we currently have, and these cute little guys were the perfect fit. They're a good combo of fun & cozy.
These pieces are good for your entire Fall season, but also great transition décor pieces. When you aren't quite ready for all of Falls colors in your home, but need a quick change from the summer décor you've had up for the past few months!
Next up is our SUPER cute Coffee Halloween set - specifically meant for your coffee bar area! Freshly boo'd & ready to make you giggle every morning, just when you think you're too scary before your coffee!
This collection's pieces are petite enough to fit on a smaller tiered tray, giving you the option to still decorate your coffee bar up for this Halloween. We're firm believers that you don't have to ONLY decorate for Halloween  during the month of October - so they're totally worth getting ;)
Stick around & we'll be releasing a special few pieces to go with this collection, but specifically for Halloween in general. They're a huge trend right now, & we'll be providing *reusable* décor, instead of ones you have to rebuy every year.
Last up, is this cozy Happy Fall Y'all Collection. There's some secrets behind this set - so let's get started!
Majority of our Fall collections use the same colors - we do this for a reason, not because of a lack of creativity!! One of our main goals for our collections, is that you are not restricted to buy the same pieces as your neighbor. We LOVE that you can mix and match pieces from ALL of our Fall sets - creating your own unique collection, that matches your home the best!
We chose these beautiful Fall pieces because they screamed "cozy" and "family" to us! The rake and mini lantern could not be any cuter, and the wood bead garland has a mix of colors that pop so well together!
Don't forget to check out the Fall releases, after reading this! Remember you can mix and match, creating your own unique theme. Only have space for a couple signs? Everything is also sold individually, another big perk! 
Feel free to leave feedback on our new releases, or let us know what else you would like to see us release - in the comments below! We'd love to chat with y'all. :)

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